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At Burns Patent Law, we are committed to empowering innovators and businesses in Riverside County and throughout California. Our firm is uniquely positioned to offer strategic, comprehensive legal services in intellectual property law. We focus on transforming your groundbreaking ideas and inventions into well-protected, legal assets, ensuring that your intellectual property receives the protection and recognition it deserves in the marketplace. Contact a seasoned Riverside County patent lawyer from Burns Patent Law today.

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If you’ve created a new and original invention, design, or process, Burns Patent Law stands ready to help you secure the legal protection you need. Speak with a seasoned Riverside County patent lawyer from our firm today.

Our Intellectual Property Services

We handle a wide range of IP matters on behalf of our clients, including the following:

Our Patent Services

We’ve successfully prosecuted a wide range of patents over the years, such as:

General Information About IP Law in Riverside County

At the heart of our legal services is a deep understanding of the intricacies of intellectual property law and how it is handled within the local court system. Riverside County is home to several significant courthouses, each playing a crucial role in the adjudication of intellectual property disputes. Key among these is the Riverside Historic Courthouse located at 4050 Main Street, a primary venue for civil cases, including those related to intellectual property. Another important courthouse is the Riverside Hall of Justice at 4100 Main Street, which also handles a variety of civil matters. We specialize in navigating these legal landscapes to protect your intellectual property rights, whether it’s a copyright, trademark, patent, or a trade secret issue.

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If you’re an inventor in California, contact a seasoned California patent lawyer from Burns Patent Law today.

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