A patent can be used to protect all types of ideas. This is why there are different types of patents available to anyone who wants to innovate in their field. Knowing what kind of patent is the best fit for your new invention is a necessary step in the application process. You should familiarise yourself with all three primary types and then talk to a California sporting goods patent lawyer from our firm.

What Are the Three Main Types of Patents?

There are three types of patents that are usually used to protect ideas and inventions. They are:

Utility patents: These are used to protect machines, processes, or the composition of matter. They can also be used to protect any new or useful improvements to existing inventions. The key here is useful. You cannot patent something that’s different, but not at all useful or worthwhile to the people who would use the invention.

Design patents: These protect any kind of ornamental design for an item. This design does not exist on its own. Instead, it is something that is only used on an existing invention or article of manufacture. The patent protects a design, not a function.

Plant patents: Yes, you can patent a plant. This kind of patent is specifically designed to protect plants that are cultivated in a new way.

Should I File a Provisional Patent?

Filing for a provisional patent is an option when pursuing certain types of patents. A provisional patent essentially gives you a year to test out some of your ideas before you file for a new patent. This is a good plan if you have multiple designs that you want to test out.

Some designs might not be durable enough, others might be surprisingly expensive to produce for a mass-market item. With a provisional patent, you can take the time to figure this kind of stuff out. When you have settled on the best options for your invention, filing utility or design patents can help you protect it.

How Can a Lawyer Help Inventors Apply for Different Types of Patents?

Patent law can get quite complicated. It can also be tough to figure out if going through this entire process is a worthwhile endeavor. Applying for a patent can be pricey after all.

This is why we recommend talking to a patent lawyer before you proceed. Someone from our firm can talk to you about your idea and help you figure out if you need patent protection. Then they can guide you through the application process for the correct kind of patent.

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