If you have invented a new kind of item or process, you may be thinking of patenting it. The patent process is a long and expensive one though. Is it worth pursuing your patent? There are a few ways to look at this, and if you take some time and do some research you can determine whether or not this idea is worth pursuing. An Orange County, California patent lawyer can help you with this endeavor.

Is This a New Idea Worth Pursuing?

This is one of the biggest factors determining whether or not applying for a patent is worthwhile. It’s generally not worth pursuing a patent unless you can be sure that your idea is actually new. This is true whether you believe that you have invented a process or an physical invention.

These days, it’s easier to do a patent search using resources like Google Patents or even the United States Patent and Trademark Office itself. Our lawyers can also help you with this process. If you do not think that your idea is new or distinct enough from existing inventions, then a patent may not be worth pursuing.

Is My Idea Useful Enough to Patent?

Another big factor is whether or not your idea is useful. Some people invent new things or processes and try to patent them, only to find out that what they have been working on is not actually useful.

If you come up with an idea or an invention and it’s not useful or it’s less useful than something that already exists, it’s unlikely to get through the patent process. You would be better off not wasting your money.

Is a Patent Worth Pursuing Because It Can Be Monetized?

Speaking of money, it’s also smart to seriously consider whether or not this patent can be a good investment for you. If you know an industry well and believe that there is an active market for your invention, then a patent can obviously be worth pursuing.

You do not even have to plan to manufacture something yourself. A patent could be worth pursuing simply because you can license it out to make a profit.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

You are not required to hire a lawyer when submitting a patent application. However, many inventors get into the USPTO application process and realize that it is a bit more complex than they thought. You may need help with not only the application process but also responses to the USPTO after they take action. An experienced lawyer can be incredibly helpful here.

Talk to an Experienced Patent Lawyer

So if you have an idea that might be worth patenting, contact Burns Patent Law. We can tell you more about this process and whether or not your idea is worth pursuing. If it is, we can even help you with the patent application process.