When you invent something new, you should patent it. The process for getting a patent can take a while, but that’s why the provisional patent application exists. With this, you can still continue to work on your invention while keeping it protected from others. An Orange County, California patent lawyer can help you with this.

What Needs to Be Included in a Provisional Patent Application?

If you want your provisional patent application to be a success, you should make sure that it is complete and that it makes it obvious why you should receive a patent for your process or invention. You should write about:

How you came up with your idea: You were having some kind of problem, so you came up with this solution to fix it. How did you figure out how to solve the problem? What was that process like?

Potential competitors: Is your solution the only possible one or do other inventions or process aim to solve the same problem? How does yours differ? What makes it unique and thus eligible for a patent? If you can show how your approach with this invention is different, that can be helpful.

The invention itself: Now you need to give the patent office an idea of what your invention looks like and how it works. Write about what kinds of parts it uses, what materials are needed, and whether changes to its design would affect its capabilities.

Why your invention is beneficial: An invention doesn’t just need to be new to get a patent. It has to be useful. What kind of benefits are there to using your invention? Does it make a known process noticeably faster or easier?

You can also include pictures with your application. If you have pictures of prototypes or plans that you have made by hand or with the aid of a computer program, these can help tell the story of your invention.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help?

You are not required to talk to a lawyer when making a provisional patent application, but we recommend it. Your attorney can help you make the best possible application and advise you about how the entire process works. They can even help you do a patent search to ensure that your invention is novel enough to patent.

I Got the Provisional Patent. Now What?

Once you have completed the provisional patent application and received a response, you can apply for an actual patent. If you still have some work to do on your invention, that’s fine. We do recommend acting as quickly as you can though.

You have 12 months to secure a patent after you have successfully completed the provisional patent application. This is a deadline that you do not want to miss.

Contact Our Califonia Patent Attorneys

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