When you have invented something new and you want to patent it, you need to first make sure that no one else has beaten you to it. That is why performing a patent search is necessary. You do not want to fill out a bunch of paperwork, pay fees, and apply for a patent if your idea is not considered new. You may also want to consult an Orange County, California patent lawyer once you’ve decided to apply.

Why is a Patent Search Necessary?

In order to get a patent, your invention has to be novel. This means that someone else has not thought of it before. If you do not perform a patent search, you could find out later that your idea is not actually all that novel.

When you perform a search, you can look for inventions that are similar to yours. If they exist, then you can adjust the scope of your patent so that it can be protected. You can also point to information gained during a patent search if someone tries to sue you over your invention.

You can perform a patent search while you are in the patent application process, but you’ll definitely want to finish it before you submit your final application. If you find out that your invention was already patented, you may be able to change it so that it becomes a novel, patentable invention.

Where Can I Perform a Patent Search?

There are companies that will perform a search for you, for a fee of course. A reputable firm will offer up non-disclosure agreements, so you and your invention will be protected even if you have not patented your idea yet. There are some online databases, like Google Patents and Espacenet, that can be used to search for patents. You can also hire a lawyer to help you.

When Should I Consult a Patent Attorney?

It can be a good idea to consult a patent attorney when you perform a patent search. An attorney would have more experience with this process and they can make sure that the search yields the proper results. A lawyer might also be able to help you if you find something similar to your invention has already been patented. If you contact our firm, we’ll do everything that we can to get you all of the information you need before you continue on with the patent application process.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

So if you think that your invention or creation needs a patent, contact Burns Patent Law. We can schedule a consultation and tell you more about the patent application process and whether or not your invention seems novel enough for patent protection. It can take a long time and a lot of work to secure a patent, but it’s easier with an experienced attorney on your side.