When you invent something new and patent it, others have to pay you if they want to use it. This makes sense, but some try to take advantage of this arrangement. A patent troll tries to make some money without ever actually inventing something of their own. They like to target small businesses and threaten them to comply with their demands. If a troll comes after you, you’ll want some help defending your business and intellectual property. A California automotive patent lawyer from our firm may be able to assist you.

What Does a Patent Troll Do?

A patent troll tries to exploit the patent and court systems to extract money from others. They often buy up patents from companies that have gone belly-up or encountered other financial difficulties. Then they do whatever they can to use this patent as a cudgel against others, usually smaller businesses.

The patent troll is not getting into this business to produce something. They are not going to make any kind of product or come up with any kind of new method of accomplishing something. They are only in it for the money and they continue to pester businesses until someone puts a stop to them.

What Is The Goal of a Patent Troll?

The goal of a patent troll is to get you to pay them licensing fees. Why would you pay a licensing fee to some random company that comes after you? It is less expensive than litigation.

Here is the problem. The patent troll is not trying to make anything or innovate in its field. It simply threatens people with lawsuits and hopes that they pay up instead of trying to go through costly litigation.

These situations can be frustrating for a small business. Litigation would be expensive, but paying licensing fees to these trolls can add up over time too. This can drain your company’s resources and prevent you from developing new products or IP.

What Can I Do If a Patent Troll Comes After My Company?

If a patent troll comes after you, you should consult with an attorney. Even though litigation can be expensive, it may be possible to shut a troll down without an extended court fight. It’s also important that you know your rights and what protections your company and intellectual property have, and a lawyer can help you with that.

Fighting a patent troll is difficult, but some court rulings and high-profile cases have shined the light on their methods and made it harder for them to operate. A vast majority of trolls used to target a specific court when filing cases, but now their ability to shop for venues are limited. They could also be forced to pay legal fees of a defendant after an unsuccessful trolling attempt.

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